EHI is currently working with the City of Rocky Mount, North Carolina to develop the Monk to Mill Greenway and the Peachtree Street and Falls Road Complete Streets assessment study. The study goal is to create an integrated network of trails, greenways, green spaces and complete streets become an integral part of people’s active lifestyles including day to day transportation and recreation.

The Monk to Mill Greenway and Peachtree Street and Falls Road Complete Streets planning guidelines and strategies will be designed to encourage both public and private investment toward incremental redevelopment within the area between Monk Park-namesake of Thelonious Monk, a famous jazz pianist and composer, the Imperial Center in downtown Rocky Mount and the site of the former Rocky Mount Mill, while making the Peachtree Street and Falls Road area more pedestrian friendly safe and accessible. The process should serve as a basis to complete the greenway within the study area and to include sustainable approaches that increase walking, bicycling and other forms of multi modal uses.

A portion of the proposed alignment of the Monk to Mill follows an abandoned rail line that traverses through multiple private industrial properties. A significant challenge in developing this trail is securing right-of-way easements from these property owners while ensuring the feasibility of trail construction.  EHI and City officials met with property owners early in the process to determine their willingness to permit the City in acquiring properties or to provide right-of-way for the trail. Many property owners are interested in the development of the trail and realizes the community benefit. The study will be complete in April 2016 and will include recommended trail alignment, design concepts and complete street retrofit alternatives.